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NEW 2015 Resuscitation Council CPR guidelines released

Date: 20 Oct 2015

The Resuscitation Council (UK) released the new 2015 CPR protocols on 15th October 2015. As expected, there are minimal differences from the last protocols of 2010.

Details can be found at   

Key messages from Guidelines 2015

  • Ensure it is safe to approach the victim.
  • Promptly assess the unresponsive victim to determine if they are breathing normally.
  • Be suspicious of cardiac arrest in any patient presenting with seizures and carefully assess whether the victim is breathing normally.
  • For the victim who is unresponsive and not breathing normally:
    • Dial 999 and ask for an ambulance. If possible stay with the victim and get someone else to make the emergency call.
    • Start CPR and send for an AED as soon as possible.
    • If trained and able, combine chest compressions and rescue breaths, otherwise provide compression-only CPR.
    • If an AED arrives, switch it on and follow the instructions.
    • Minimise interruptions to CPR when attaching the AED pads to the victim.
  • Do not stop CPR unless you are certain the victim has recovered and is breathing normally or a health professional tells you to stop
  • Treat the victim who is choking by encouraging them to cough. If the victim deteriorates give up to 5 back slaps followed by up to 5 abdominal thrusts. If the victim becomes unconscious – start CPR.
  • The same steps can be followed for resuscitation of children by those who are not specifically trained in resuscitation for children – it is far better to use the adult BLS sequence for resuscitation of a child than to do nothing.