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Basic Skills Update for First Aiders + AED (Annual)

Introduction Introduction

The HSE "Strongly recommends" that it is good practice for First Aiders to complete an annual refresher course. Retention of knowledge and skills deteriorate over the three-year certificate life therefore this course provides valuable refresher and update training. Run yearly, in conjunction with Refresher courses every three years, this produces a very efficient and cost effective training programme.



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Aims Aims

CPR To enable candidates to get help & give adequate and efficient Emergency Aid to a casualty at the workplace following an injury or illness using materials to hand, an AED and HSE approved first aid equipment

Objectives Objectives

On completion of training, candidates should have demonstrated their competence to:

  • assess the situation in an emergency;
  • administer first aid to a casualty who is unconscious and/or in seizure;
  • administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation and use an AED;
  • administer first aid to a casualty who is wounded or bleeding and/or in shock.




Syllabus Syllabus

 Introduction, registration welcome & domestics

  • Assessment of the scene and a casualty
  • Recovery position
  • Artificial Ventilation and CPR techniques (including any updates to CPR protocols)
  • Assessment and treatment of choking casualties
  • Assessment and treatment of Shock
  • Revision




Summary Summary


from £495 for up to 12 students on your site

Course length:

3 hours

This course is for:

smaller workplaces where a First Aider is not required. If your risk assessment has shown that First Aiders are not necessary, then this course will provide the skills and knowledge required for Appointed persons to render necessary Basic First Aid in an emergency situation with an AED. The course is also suitable for those who wish to gain knowledge of emergency procedures & a qualification in First Aid.


A certificate of attendence is issued valid for 1 year

Download printable course details PDF (~150Kb)
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Students say... Students say...

"I found the theory behind the changed procedures and the extremely thorough explanations most useful"

What's included?
  • All courses comply with the HSE's recommendation of 12 students per course.
  • First Aid at Work courses (EFAW and FAW) also include a full colour manual per student.
  • All courses can accommodate larger numbers of students if required. Please contact us for details
  • Our courses all use student centred methods such as skill demonstrations & practice, groupwork, question & answer sessions & case studies. We  augment the above strategies with tutorials & demonstrations to give a well balanced interactive learning experience for all students.
  • Formative Assessment will be ongoing throughout the course by the trainer. On our FAW courses there is a final assessment on the last day conducted by independent assessors.