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First Aid at Work + AED Initial - FAIB Approved

Introduction Introduction

First Aid trained personnel at the workplace is a requirement of Health & Safety law. First Aiders can act to prevent situations becoming worse and can reduce potential sick leave through prompt emergency action. They will be able to use provided First Aid equipment and an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) with confidence.

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Aims Aims


To enable students to get help & give safe, prompt & effective First Aid to a casualty in the workplace following an injury or illness using materials to hand including an AED and HSE approved first aid equipment.

Objectives Objectives

On successful completion of the syllabus, each student will be able to demonstrate that they are able to:

  • act safely, promptly and effectively with emergencies at work
  • use first aid equipment, an AED and the contents of a first aid box
  • understand the duties of employers and the legal framework
  • maintain simple factual records on what they have done with regard to any treatment or management of an emergency
  • recognise the importance of personal hygiene in first aid procedures.

They will also be able to deal with a casualty who:

  • requires cardiopulmonary resuscitation+AED
  • is unconscious;
  • is bleeding or wounded
  • is suffering from shock
  • is suffering from an injury to bones, muscles or joints
  • has been burned or scalded;
  • has an eye injury;
  • has been overcome by gas or fumes; or may have been poisoned or exposed to a harmful substance.

They will be able to:

  • recognise major illnesses and take appropriate action
  • recognise minor illnesses and take appropriate action
  • manage the transportation of a casualty, as required by the circumstances of the workplace.

Syllabus Syllabus

The principles & priorities of First Aid
Assessment of a casualty
Recovery position
Artificial Ventilations, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Use of an AED
Respiration difficulties (Asthma, Electric Shock, Choking)
Recognising & Treating Causes of unconsciousness, Heart Attack, Stroke & Fainting.


The circulatory system (Heart & Blood)
How to deal with blood loss
The use of Dressings and Bandages
Control of bleeding, minor, major & Internal bleeding
Recognising and Treating medical Shock, Epileptic Seizures & Diabetic Emergencies.
Recognition & treatment of upper & lower body injuries (fractures, sprains, strains & dislocations)

Duties of a first Aider
HSE Regulations & contents of workplace first aid kit
Recognition & Treatment of Burns, Scalds & Poisoning Eye injuries. How to examine & irrigate an eye
How to cope in an Emergency
How to deal with a major workplace incident
Revision of underpinning knowledge & practical skills


Summary Summary


From £1395 for up to 12 students on your site

Course length:

3 days

This course is for:

Nominated personnel to become First Aiders in the Workplace to comply with the Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981.


A 3 year Certificate of Competence (FOFATO Approved) will be awarded on successful completion of the course and assessment.

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Students say... Students say...

"The course was brilliant - the tutor was very entertaining and informative and I feel I have learnt more because it was so enjoyable" "The tutor involved everyone and because of this we all felt confident in asking questions and suggesting answers"

What's included?
  • All courses comply with the HSE's recommendation of 12 students per course.
  • First Aid at Work courses (EFAW and FAW) also include a full colour manual per student.
  • All courses can accommodate larger numbers of students if required. Please contact us for details
  • Our courses all use student centred methods such as skill demonstrations & practice, groupwork, question & answer sessions & case studies. We  augment the above strategies with tutorials & demonstrations to give a well balanced interactive learning experience for all students.
  • Formative Assessment will be ongoing throughout the course by the trainer. On our FAW courses there is a final assessment on the last day conducted by independent assessors.