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About us


Here are just some of the comment we've received from students and clients:


"The whole group interacted very well under the tutors excellent guidance"

       -a student


"Within 1 hour of the start of the course, the tutor had the students eating out of his hand to the extent that all the comments I could get was reiteration of how good the instructor was"

       -Leicester South fields College assessor


"The presentation instruction was clear and well led. I will be recommending the session to other heads in..... "

       -Headteacher of a junior school


"The training is the best I have seen for a long time "

       -HSE representative assessor


"This was an excellent course with little room for improvement"

      -Manager of a day care centre


A selection of student comments from courses completed:

"I thought the emergency First Aid training on Friday was excellent. The trainer was likeable and organised the pace of the training well so that we absorbed the messages properly, the content was relevant, the materials were good and I came away feeling as if I would know what to do in an emergency."

"Tutor is funny and made us motivated all the time, all of the course"

"The course was brilliant - the tutor was very entertaining and informative and I feel I have learnt more because it was so enjoyable"

"The tutor involved everyone and because of this we all felt confident in asking questions and suggesting answers"

"Informative, good fun and put in a way I could understand tutor was excellent (I have never had fun on a course before!!)"

"Course was run extremely well, very beneficial"

"V.good (excellent!) course. Well-taught & enjoyable"

 "Tutor was excellent on all aspects and assessors made you feel relaxed and it was well worth attending"

" The instructor was very informative, he bought the class together well. I really enjoyed it!"

" Friendly Approachable nature of trainer made it easy for audience participation and feedback in discussions".

" .......was an excellent trainer and made me feel comfortable even though I'm usually not at ease in group situations"

" the trainer honestly made the course interesting and fun. Thus very informative = confident in First Aid"

"This was an excellent Trainers Training course. It fully met all my objectives for attending."

"Course & instruction overall was extremely good. Very enjoyable"

"Very well taught and advised. Would recommend this course"